A short documentary film about the extraordinary sacrifice and inspiring resilience of brave American men and women in uniform who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11 Read more »
Tom Hanks narrates the epic story of the 9/11 boatlift that evacuation half a million people from the stricken piers and seawalls of Lower Manhattan. Produced and directed by Eddie Rosenstein. BOATLIFT was commissioned by Dr. Stephen Flynn, President, Center for National Policy, for the 9/11 Tenth Anniversary Summit: Remembrance/Renewal/Resilience in Washington (www.road2resilience.org). Flynn & Sean Burke served as executive producers. The film was made possible by a generous grant by philanthropist Adrienne Arsht, Chairman Emerita, and TotalBank. Read more »
When U.S. airspace was closed on September 11th, a huge number of planes carrying thousands of people were diverted to Gander, Newfoundland, where they remained stranded until the airspace reopened 2 days later. This documentary tells the story of a small town in Canada that displayed extraordinary resilience and generosity as citizens stepped up to care for the needs of the stranded passengers. Read more »
A documentary short film about the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site, as a metaphor for the rekindling of our spirit since the dark days of 9/11. Narrated by Tom Hanks, Directed by Eddie Rosenstein, Produced by Eyepop Productions, Inc. It was executive produced by Stephen Flynn and Sean Burke and premiered on September 8th at the 9/11 Tenth Anniversary Summit: Remembrance, Renewal, Resilience, in Washington D.C. The Summit kicked off a national movement to foster community and national resilience in the face of future crises. See www.road2resilience.org to become a part of the campaign to build a more resilient world. Read more »
Resilience is a way of life for the residents of the U.S. Gulf Coast. An inspirational story of tragedy transformed into a rallying cry for the Mississippi town of Gulfport. A TakePart production. Read more »
S Flynn
Dr. Stephen Flynn on the challenges ahead. Read more »